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„Therapy“ premiert am 17.03.2009 in den USA

"Therapy premiert am 17.03.2009 in den USA"

Mein Debütthriller "Die Therapie" wurde bislang in 21 Sprachen übersetzt. Und jetzt, knapp drei Jahre nach dem Start in Deutschland, werden endlich auch die Amerikaner "therapiert". Dank der hervorragenden Übersetzung von Sally-Ann-Spencer gibt es auch schon erste, positive Reaktionen:

From Publishers Weekly / Starred Review.
Extreme grief permeates Fitzek's brilliant psychological thriller, a bestseller in his native Germany. When TV psychiatrist Viktor Larenz's 12-year-old daughter, Josy, who suffers from a number of unexplainable illnesses, vanishes without a trace from her doctor's office, Larenz's subsequent search for even the smallest clue to the girl's disappearance costs him his career and marriage. Four years later, Larenz has retreated to an isolated, storm-prone island, where he's visited by children's novelist Anna Glass, a schizophrenic who believes the characters she creates become real. One of those characters bears a striking resemblance to Josy and may have the answer to what happened to her. Unbalanced by his mourning, Larenz emerges as an unreliable but sympathetic character. Is he really losing his mind or is he being gaslighted? Undertones of gothic suspense imbue an unpredictable plot that will remind many of Shutter Island and A Beautiful Mind. (Mar.) Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Auch sehr schön, diese Review – auch wenn der Psychiater Larenz und nicht Larzek heißt – aber die Verschmelzung von Fitzek und Larenz zu Larzek hat auch etwas für sich ;). Den Namen merke ich mir auf jeden Fall für einen meiner nächsten Thriller.

Booklist (starred review)
"Dr. Larzek, a highly respected German psychiatrist, is devastated by first his daughter’s mysterious illness and then her disappearance. Falling into the bottle and away from his wife, he hires a private investigator to continue the search. Later, unable to work, Larzek retreats to the remote North Sea island of Parkum, where he encounters Anna Glass, a young woman who demands that Larzek treat her severe schizophrenia. We learn much of the story through flashbacks, as the doctor is now a patient in a high-security mental hospital, speaking with his psychiatrist, relating the events that led to his collapse. With an attention-grabbing opener, short chapters with headers that count down the days, and an overwhelming sense of doom looming over every page, Therapy is a one-sitting page-turner that never disappoints. When the full story is eventually revealed, it is both shocking and confusing: Who is real, and who is telling the truth? Suggest this gripping thriller to fans of Tana French, Inger Frimansson, Karin Alvtegen, and, especially, to anyone who knows Petra Hammesfahr’s The Sinner (2008), another fast-paced German crime novel rich with psychological suspense."

 John Katzenbach, author of The Analyst and The Madman’s Tale:
"Sebastian Fitzek's Therapy is an immensely sophisticated literary thriller that finds great tension in the interior worlds of its characters and the interplay between plot and pace. It is written in a direct, harrowing and lucid style, well suited for readers who enjoy curling up with an intricate mystery and those seeking even greater depths of understanding. So often, in the realm of psychological thrillers, authors settle for gimmicks and cliché — but that is categorically not the case with Therapy. It is compelling from the opening scene — a truly wondrous set-piece in a doctor's office — and will continue to resonate long after the final page has been read and re-read."

Paul Carson, author of Betrayal and Ambush:
“Therapy is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. It’s a thriller that keeps the reader hooked and guessing right to the end. An enthralling mix of medicine and mystery.”



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